Bishop blames spirits for domestic violence

December 19, 2016

Bishop Dr Joseph Ade-Gold said that the wave of domestic violence across the island is due mainly to the government messing with spirits.

"They invoke spirit down by Ocean Boulevard (Kingston). The first one I know they did was to use the blood of Africans to come and do libation. This Government wanted to do it but they were told not to, so I don't know if they did it, or not. The last government did it. They did libation, then they invoke spirits," Ade-Gold said.

The founder of the Chambers of God International told THE STAR that the act of calling forth the spirits of departed Africans has come with dire consequences.

"There is a misleading of spiritual direction in this nation and it is terrible. Some of these ancestors died because of violence, evil, they were killed, they killed people, so you are bringing them back to the land," Ade-Gold said.

Data released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) show that since the start of this year, 24 women have been killed in domestic disputes. Similarly, the JCF data also shows that 38 men were killed in domestic quarrels this year.

When quizzed by THE STAR why partners and or their ex-lovers were killing each other, Ade-Gold pointed to series of complaints he came across.

"Dishonesty, most of the cases - 75 per cent to 80 per cent of the cases I know Man sent woman to school to have degree, and by the time she finish, she go to other man. Children are born and man thinks it belongs to them, but it belongs to another man so they kill," he said.

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