NWA to fix damaged roads in St Mary

January 06, 2017
A section of the Junction main road in St Mary collapsed following heavy rains in the parish in December.
Stephen Shaw

The National Works Agency (NWA) say they have been monitoring the corridor from St Andrew leading into St Mary, particularly the section from Chovey to Broadgate, where the road conditions are deplorable.

Motorists have been complaining to our news team that the roadway is in dire need of attention.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Stephen Shaw, manager of communication and customer services at NWA, he told our news team that the agency was aware of the conditions.

"We have started to rehabilitate. A senior engineer went out there to check on some things," Shaw said.

THE WEEKEND STAR was told that the area near the Westmoreland Bridge and Chovey intersection is sinking.


Geologically unstable


Shaw said, "Something geologically unstable is beneath the ground causing the issue from time to time. It has been sinking for a while".

The NWA said that it has used several mechanisms to rectify the problem, however it keeps reoccurring, and as such, it has to be examined technically.

Our news team spoke with a motorist who plies the roadway daily. Matthew Mulling said the road was dangerous, as not only small vehicles use it, but also trailers and heavy duty truckers.

"This link several parishes and coming around the junction, and using the road not safe at nights. That stretch break away already and it was repaired, so something must be wrong," he said.


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