Woman pays for own funeral

January 10, 2017
Lillian Polar
Lillian Polar

Many people make arrangements for when they die, but 83-year-old Lillian Polar took it to new heights recently.

Instead of just setting up an indemnity plan, the retired hotel worker flew from New York to Jamaica in December with one intent: to pre-pay for her funeral and burial.

The senior citizen said that she contacted Perry's Funeral Home and completed the reservations.

She paid close to $500,000 to ensure that whenever she leaves this Earth, she would be laid to rest on her terms and not those of her children, who had different opinions about how she is to be handled when she dies.

"When I hear my children talk, I had to come here. My son said he would burn my body. Another one said anywhere I die I bury," Polar told THE STAR.

"I don't want to bury in the snow. In fact, a few years ago, I paid for a spot at Meadow Rest, however, I sold it a while after," Polar added.

She provided our news team with her receipt, signed and stamped by Perry's Funeral Home, detailing her funeral package.

The package comes complete with casket, wreath, radio and TV advertising, SUV hearse arrangements, among other services.


Laughed at


The only issue Polar had was when she tried to return to New York. She asked a Spanish Town travel agency to book her on a Caribbean Airlines flight.

She was, however, booked on a JetBlue flight, and when she went to rectify things, she accused workers of laughing at her, saying, she was old and forgetful.

When our news team contacted the agency, the agent who prepared the itinerary denied the jokes were about Polar.

The agent said that changes could only have been made to the ticket the same day of purchase before it reached the airline.

THE STAR was told that the flight arrangement did not change and Polar was scheduled to depart on a JetBlue flight last Saturday.

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