Mother stands between sons and crime

January 11, 2017
Marisa Golding
This woman holds the funeral programme for brothers Javelle and Romario Lawrence, who were killed in Havana Heights, Clarendon, in September.


The crime situation in Clarendon and threat of violence in Havana Heights following a double murder last year has one parent taking drastic measures to prevent her two sons from even considering any sort of wrongdoing.

Marisa Golding, known in Phase Two, Havana Heights, as 'Keisha', says she has instilled in her children certain principles that she hopes will turn them away from crime.

"Mi have Calvin and mi have Junior. And if dem ever turn down that road, mi nah bury dem. Every day mi tell dem, dem (bodies) a stay deh and spoil, and mi nah shed one eye water," Golding said.

She told our news team that she has sacrificed a lot so that her children can go to school and live a crime-free life.

"Mi go up the school and punch him up when him come 27 in his class, and the next report he came fifth. You have fi do it from dem young," Golding said.

"A reality mi a tell you. You as the parent a di basic foundation inna life. You start it, you instil it inna your children. Anything you instil inna dem, a dat yuh get out."

She told THE STAR of an instance where her son got involved in skin bleaching, and she had to put a stop to it.


Abide by the rules


"Mi see him skin start to change, and mi draw him up and tell him that if I did want a brown child, I would get pregnant for a brown man. As long as him under my roof, him must abide by the rules. Mi love dem, but mi deal with things different," she said.

Golding told our news team that she handles her sons in a harsh manner because she wants them to focus in school.

She said she told them they will beg and turn homosexuals if they don't focus in school and elevate themselves.

"Mi want dem fi come out to something good, and get what I did not get. I can read and write, and dem can't trick me. All five of my children dem, each one is a subject for me, so I have five subjects," Golding jokingly said.

She also told THE STAR that the community needs Jesus, as only He can protect them from criminal elements.

"The people dem fraid because of the violence. The police dem need to do more patrolling and things like that. As six o'clock come, around here is like a ghost town. Anytime you hear the dogs start bark a night, you can just listen for the gunshots. From the killing gwaan with the brothers, the place tense," Golding said.

Golding was making reference to brothers, Javelle and Romario Lawrence, who were killed on September 8 after gunmen kicked open a door to their home in Havana Heights.

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