Cart operator's murder hampers vending

January 12, 2017
Clarendon vendor 'Buju' said they have to continue selling despite the violence.

The mobility of some vendors in the May Pen market has been hampered by the death of a cart rental operator who was gunned down last Friday.

Before his death, Owen 'Chiney Man' Oxford, 46, operated a fledgling cart making and rental business which suited many vendors who traded in and around the market.

A female vendor told THE STAR, "He was vital to the market, everybody know him and rent cart from him and sell dem goods. Is not everybody have a stall and with the cart you can go all about and sell and keep it moving."

THE STAR was told that carts were rented for fees as low as $200 depending on the season.

Our news team visited the shack where Oxford parked his carts, many of which were chained together.


Still being rented


Persons in the market told THE STAR that some carts were still being rented however nobody was available to speak about that.

We saw one young vendor who goes by the alias 'Buju', who told us that despite the crime he rented a cart to sell his goods.

The cart resembled those of Oxford. He told us he rented it from a 'man' though he could not tell if there was any relation to Oxford.

"Today a $200 mi rent the cart for. Things kinda set away. Violence a gwan still but weh we ago do? From we know we nah mix and mingle in weh dem a gwan wid and weh dem a deal wid enuh. We do the right and work wid the right thing," he said.

The May Pen police are probing Oxford's murder.

Oxford, who was from a Treadlight district address, was the first murder to be recorded in the parish this year.

In 2016, 132 persons were murdered in Clarendon.

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