Trump's travel ban is worrying - Hanna

January 31, 2017
Lisa Hanna

Some Jamaicans with interests in the J1 work and travel programme have become antsy following President Donald Trump's recent executive order, which include imposing travel ban on several countries.

Lisa Hanna, the Opposition spokesperson on youth and culture, said there is an air of uncertainty, paranoia, and confusion as it relates to Jamaicans travelling to the United States, especially among students who depend on J1 the work and travel programme.

"I am asking the Government to provide clarity as it relates to the J1 programme. President Trump actually said J1 jobs should be given to American people. Many of our students rely on the programme for employment, tuition, and college work experience," she told THE STAR.

She added that although Jamaica is not explicitly labelled among the 'Countries of Particular Concern' in President Trump's executive order, there are factors which could land Jamaica on the list.


Crackdown on scammers


"You have situations now where the United States is cracking down on scammers. There are several different things that could pose potential difficulty especially in this situation of uncertainty," she said.

Jovan Campbell, who is the operations manager for one of the work and travel agencies called International Travel and Culture Exchange, said he is also worried for those who depend on the programme.

"We all know about his campaign plans to give the J1 jobs to Americans, and then he won. So, that sent shock waves not only across the local agencies, but also in the US where the sponsors there reached out to us and said we should not be concerned," Campbell said.

Despite those assurances, Campbell said he is still nervous about the future of the programme and those who depend on it.

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