After discovering tumour... Mechanic needs $1.8 million for hip surgery

February 02, 2017
Despite being ill, Damion Reid insists that he must work to take care of his family.
Damion Reid, an ailing auto mechanic, diligently works on an car at his garage.

Damion Reid has been working in the auto-mechanic business since he was 14 years old. And although he has now fallen severely ill with a tumour in his hip, he is still pushing on.

"Mi have me two kids in school and mi wife fi tek care of. Mi nuh know how fi sit down," the ailing 34-year-old told THE STAR.

Due to his injuries and his dependence on crutches, it takes him twice as long to complete his tasks, but he diligently persists.

"Sometimes when me have to go under the car, it hard because me have to find a way to set me hip, and me can't move around as much as I would like. It very painful, like somebody a tear apart mi hip bone," Reid explained.

Despite his diligent labour at his Greater Portmore mechanic workstation, Reid cannot amass the $1.8 million required to do the hip-replacement surgery that he desperately needs.


Severe pains


Reid, who lives in a district called Bamboo in Spanish Town, St Catherine, explained that his troubles first started in 2012 when he began experiencing severe pains in his left hip.

Several doctor visits and tests revealed nothing unusual, until Reid fell off a bicycle and started feeling even more excruciating pains in the area.

That is when doctors did further tests and it was discovered that a giant cell tumour was growing on his hip bone. He underwent a major surgery to remove it, and had to fork out over $160,000 for the procedure.

After six months, Reid was discharged from hospital.

He then went back to providing for his beloved family, until misfortune befell him four years later.

Reid said he went to his mother's house last year, and slipped on some water on the floor.

"Me feel like something crick in me hip. It was hurting severely so I went back to the doctor, and they told me that the pins that were holding the hip bones together bend up," Reid said.


Only solution


To make matters worse, doctors discovered that the tumour had returned and was eating away the bone. He has been advised that the only solution is the $1.8 million hip-replacement surgery.

Now, Reid has to bear the pain until he raises enough funds to replace his hip.

His wife Sheka said she is heartbroken, seeing her strong husband in a handicapped position.

Her church family at the Jackson Seventh-day Adventist Church has organised a benefit concert to be held on March 26, at the Simons All-Age School in St Catherine. There will be special guest appearances by Jodian Pantry, Brother West, Carey, and Sharilyn Sayles.


Those wishing to assist Damion Reid may donate funds to NCB, Spanish Town branch, account number 474 637 611, in Sheka Bryan's name or contact them at 1-876-820-7393.

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