Court hears ..... Woman beaten for getting new friend

February 13, 2017

Two former best friends are now before the courts after a social media altercation between the two led to fist blows.

Monique Morrison, a 24-year-old bartender from Maverley, St Andrew, is accused of beating up her former best friend, and busting her face above her eye. She pleaded not guilty and is to go on trial in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on March 20.

Reports are that Morrison and the complainant were best friends for some two years. However, the relationship turned bitter after the complainant met another friend.




The complainant claimed Morrison started making posts on Snapchat insinuating that she [the complainant] was not a real friend. The complainant responded to Morrison's posts on Snapchat and a back- and-forth bicker ensued on the app.

Sometime later, Morrison is alleged to have posted a

collage picture on Facebook of the complainant and the new best friend wearing similar shoes, captioned, "All the s&*k you a s&*k, you can't buy you own heels."

The complainant reported that she commented on the post saying Morrison is just jealous of her because she is wearing Brazilian hair and Bridget sandals.


New best friend


Morrison allegedly responded: "Hope when me see you, the Bridget slippers pon you foot can stop di lick them wha me have fi you."

Days later, on January 9, at about 7:30 p.m., it is reported that the complainant and her new best friend went to a Half-Way Tree nightclub to have drinks. Moments later, Morrison appeared and grabbed the complainant by her hair saying, "You neva know me woulda hold you."

It is further reported that Morrison began punching the complainant all over her body, causing pain and swelling, and a wound over her left eye which bled.

Morrison is out on bail until her trial in the night court at 5 p.m.

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