Bail for cops accused of trying to sell murder case

March 06, 2017

Two police officers who are charged for allegedly collecting money to free an accused murderer were offered bail at $350,000 when they appeared in court on Friday.

Detective Corporal Roger Taylor, 37, who has been serving the force for 17 years, and Detective Constable Alex Francis, 30, who has been serving the force for eight years, both pleaded not guilty to the corruption charges.




Allegations are that in September last year, the complainant paid $270,000 to Corporal Taylor for the release of Garfield Gardner, who is charged for the 2015 murder of Marlon Clarke.

Gardner was being held at the Hunts Bay Police Station in St Andrew, where Corporal Taylor and Constable Francis were stationed.

The court heard that on February 23, when the murder accused was not released, the complainant made a report about the matter. It is alleged that Corporal Taylor then called the complainant and instructed her to meet him for the money.

It is further alleged that at the meeting point, Corporal Taylor was accompanied by another man, whom he gave a brown paper bag with money to give the complainant. The complainant also reported this to the police.

Days later, both Corporal Taylor and Constable Francis turned themselves in to the police with their attorneys. They were then arrested and charged.

The officers were on Friday offered bail with one or two sureties. They are also to surrender their travel documents, and a stop order was put in place.

They are to return to court on June 27 when a report from the Communications Forensics and Cybercrime Unit is expected to be ready.

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