Teen determined to beat cancer

March 15, 2017
Tajae Jones

Despite losing his leg to cancer and still battling with the terrible disease, 16-year-old Tajay Jones has declared that God has a plan for him to overcome his ailment and minister to the world.

"Mommy, a no wha doctor say, a wha God say. So no worry yourself," he told his fretting mother, Dorothy Francis, before undergoing amputation at the St Ann's Bay Hospital last month.

Francis added, "He told me that he just has a feeling that God ago make him be victorious because he said he's going to minister to the world, and tell them what God has done for him. He has a faith in God that's stronger than mine."

THE STAR first carried Tajay's story last November, highlighting his battle with a rare, stage four bone cancer called osteosarcoma.


Proper attention


He had been diagnosed for over a year, but did not get the proper attention from the onset, causing the situation to exacerbate to the point where he developed a massive, painful swelling on his leg.

Francis, who had stopped working as a domestic helper to care for her son, appealed for assistance via THE STAR, to help finance his costly medication, and they received an outpouring of support, both in cash and prayers, for which she said she is eternally grateful.

Tajay was finally able to undergo surgery last moth, after a lengthy delay with his test results. At that point, his mother said his swollen leg was on the verge of bursting open, and the pain was unbearable.

"He went into emergency surgery like 7 a.m., and came out 5:45 p.m. He woke up and he was so strong. He said him feel like 1,000 pounds come off a him. He is very happy and excited," Francis shared.


Baptise him


She said his excitement is mostly because his pastor promised to baptise him as soon as he is discharged from hospital.

However, those plans are on hold indefinitely because the disease has spread from Tajay's leg to his stomach and lung, and he will have to undergo a round of chemotherapy soon.

Francis said she does not know how she will finance the over $100,000 needed for chemotherapy medication, and is again asking for help to save her son.

"Him understand that the cancer can cause death, him say him no afraid of death, but, as a mother, I worry for him every day because I don't want to lose him, especially at such a tender age," she shared.

Those wishing to assist may contact Dorothy Francis at 1 876 406-8042.

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