'Don't just quote me' ... Bounty demands tax rollback

March 17, 2017
Simpson Miller
Bounty Killer

The self-proclaimed 'Poor People Governor', Bounty Killer, said he is happy the opposition leader Portia Simpson Miller quoted him in Parliament yesterday.

Simpson Miller used Bounty Killer's famous words "Poor people fed up!" as she described the Government's tax package as wicked.

Bounty Killer said he will forever advocate for the poor.

"I was just speaking from a social standpoint because I come from a poor family. Not all my family rich, or live the life that I live. I still have a lot of poor friends around me, so I share the plight of the poor people," he said.

Bounty Killer said he hopes his words are not just quoted, but will be taken seriously because the proposed tax package is unfair to the poor.

"If you're gonna give them the $1.5 million tax cut, and then the little extra that them get, they will have to pay it back inna light bill and transportation. They're giving with one hand and taking back with two. I think they should roll back the tax on the energy if they really want to give poor people a break," he reasoned.

During her presentation in Parliament yesterday, Simpson Miller said, "A nuh me seh suh, a Bounty seh suh. I fully agree with Bounty Killer. There is a general consensus in Jamaica that 'poor people fed up'!"

She continued, "The people are speaking out. This budget is unjust! This budget in counterproductive. This budget has no heart."

Simpson Miller was making her last contribution to the Budget Debate, as come April 2, she will hand over the leadership of the opposition to Dr Peter Phillips.

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