Woman stoned over chicken back money

March 20, 2017
Fried chicken back

A man will have to do 140 hours of community service after he battered a woman during a dispute over $150 that he owed for dumplings and chicken back.

Shamar Riley pleaded guilty to the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

He said he and the complainant's mother were having a discussion about $150 which he owed, when the complainant intervened and started insulting him.

He said he walked away, but the complainant pursued him with a knife. "That's when me just get ignorant and fling the stone, Your Honour," Riley said.


Bad man thing


The presiding judge Judith Pusey then interjected. "Suppose me get ignorant and send you down so?," she said referring to the prison.

Pusey then asked the complainant to share her side of the story.

"I didn't grab up the knife. Mi mother sell $10 dumpling and chicken back. Because she old, them gwaan with a bad man thing when she ask for her money," the complainant said

When the accused was asked to present the money owed, he told the court that his mother was outside ready to pay it. But when called, she was nowhere to be found.

Pusey said Riley will be remanded until he pays the $150. She added that he is to commence 140 hours of community service upon his release.

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