Heavy rains bring haunting memories for mother and twins

March 23, 2017
Local Government and Community Development Minister, Desmond McKenzie, offers comforting words to Broadgate, St Mary, resident Charmaine Newell, on the loss of her son, Raheem Davey. The 12-year-old died when boulders struck his home on November 11.
A section of the house was completely destroyed after the boulder fell on it.

When heavy rains lashed sections of St Mary last week, Charmaine Newell and her twin daughters Jhenelle and Shenelle were terrified they would relive the frightful ordeal four months prior.

At that time, torrential rains washed boulders from a nearby hill on to their house, injuring the girls, and crushing their brother, Raheem Davey, to death.

"When the rain start to fall, my daughters were like, 'Mommy, remember say a when the rain start fall the place tear down, enuh'. If them hear a little noise, them jump and get frighten because they're thinking that the whole experience will happen again," Newell explained, adding they just want to relocate.

Shortly after the tragic November 11 incident, the Government promised them a five-bedroom house in a safe location.

The house was to be built within three to four months, but to date, not one block has been laid.




Newell and her daughters still live in the yard filled with painful memories of Raheem's death, and the ever looming danger of the boulders in the hill.

Newell and the girls have been staying with her mother just a few metres from the shattered house.

"Me sit down and talk to the girls and make them know the stones not going to come down on them again, although I'm not even sure myself. I also tell them that their brother is in a better place," she shared.

Jhenelle escaped with only minor bruises, but Shenelle suffered a cracked ankle, dislocated knee, and lost two toes.

She is still unable to attend school as she cannot walk, and still has several appointments with the plastic surgeon and bone specialist.




Newell, who attained a practical nursing diploma, said she has been unable to secure a job as she has to be caring for Shenelle.

Plus she is yet to address Shenelle's $53,000 medical bill owed to the University Hospital of the West Indies.

She is imploring the Government to act with urgency to deliver on their promises, as the situation has become unbearable.

"The last time I talked to them was two weeks ago. They told me that they were going to finish with the housing plan and get it approved. I don't hear back anything from them about it," she said.

The twins' father, Romaine Brown, has launched a GoFundMe account entitled, 'This is to relocate my daughters.'

Persons can also donate to Charmaine Newell's Jamaica National bank account number 209 423 1563 - Annotto Bay branch, or email her at charmanenewell@yahoo.com.


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