SCQ : Manning's School old boys win Masters Match

March 25, 2017
The Mannings' Masters team (from left): Georgeno Whyte (2013-2015), Roxroy Roach (2010), Raju Gunnings (2014-2016), and Dugon Gray (2013).
Cornwall Masters team (from left) Leon Clarke (2005-2006), Matthew Williams (2014-2016), Dennis Waite (1987-1989) and Javon Salmon (2012).


It was a nostalgic moment for the old boys of The Manning's School and Cornwall College as they battled in the Masters Match of TVJ's Schools' Challenge Quiz yesterday.

Though their only prizes were small gift bags and 'bragging rights', the Manning's 'old-timers' were elated following their hard fought victory, with a score of 23-20.

The Westmoreland-based Manning's School was represented by Georgeno Whyte, Roxroy Roach, Raju Gunnings, and Dugon Gray.

Whyte spoke for his team members when he said in a pre-match interview with THE STAR, "It's all about getting back together, playing quiz one last time, and having fun. We're all friends, so you know bragging rights are at stake."

Over on the other side, the St James-based Corwall College was represented by a much older cohort, with their captain, Dennis Waite having played his last match some 30 years ago.

The other members were Leon Clarke, Matthew Williams and Javon Salmon.

Going into the match, Waite said he was rather rusty, and was hoping what he studied for the matches in 1987 and 1989 would come back to memory.

With only three weeks to get the teams together and prepare for the masters showdown, both teams were rather sharp with their answers.

However, the Manning's old boys kept the lead throughout the match, with round one ending 7-7 and round two ending on 27-24.

Things heated up in the buzzer section as Cornwall crept up on Manning's lead, leaving only a one point difference between their scores.

However, Manning's pushed ahead in the final moments. Though disappointed at the loss, Waite, who was captain for the Cornwall team said it ws all just for fun.

An elated Whyte said they were all going out to celebrate the victory.

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