'Dem scrap everything' - Mechanic distressed after vehicles are dumped along sidewalk

April 06, 2017
An old car that was removed from the garage.
Mechanic George Warburton was saddened by the eviction.
Old vehicles were strung out on the sidewalk after the eviction.
George Warburton points to the section of the road where the old vehicles were placed.

Since Tuesday, a section of Lyndhurst Road in St Andrew has been reduced to what looks like a junk yard after about 50 motor vehicles were removed from a premises that was being used as a garage, and dumped along the sidewalk.

THE STAR understands that the court ordered eviction following disagreements over the land lease.

However, this action is much to the distress of the garage owner and employees of the garage, as unscrupulous persons have been swooping down on the vehicles and scrapping them.

"Me feel hurt over the situation. Me have one Toyota Corolla down deh so fi miself, and dem scrap it completely. Dem take out engine, front-end, back-end, everything," George Warburton, a mechanic and body man employed to the garage, told THE STAR.

"The worse part is that me sell the car and collect the money already. I was to deliver it in two weeks. Dem all a scrap other people car. Some a them a junk and some a them a expensive parts. A pure scrap, dem a scrap dem, and we can't stop them because dem just line out pon the road."

Warburton said he and some other employees moved some of the vehicles to nearby premises to prevent them from being scrapped, but they could not save all the vehicles.




When THE STAR arrived on the scene yesterday, several persons could be seen helping themselves to the car parts. One person, who was busy removing several parts, remarked that they were like 'organ donors'.

Warburton said he was advised that the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) was to remove the parts and cars from the sidewalk early yesterday, but up to late evening, they were still strung along the roadway.

He added that his boss was not on the scene, as he is distraught by the situation.

Several calls to the garage operator's phone went unanswered.

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