Man beats girlfriend for dissing him

April 06, 2017

A father of five who claimed he hit his babymother in her face and all over her body with a ratchet knife because she was ungrateful, was on Tuesday ordered to pay $50,000 or spend six months in prison for his offence.

The accused, Fabian Wint, 32, a bus driver of Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew, shares a five-year-old child with the complainant. He told the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court that he is sorry for what transpired on the morning of February 20, and went on to explain that it occurred during a disagreement about money for the child.

"Me give her $2,500 and tell her that's all me have, and she start get angry and say that can't work. So, me conk her in her face, and say, 'You too ungrateful,' because me tell her say me bus just crash; and then we start fight," Wint said.


Money argument


According to the complainant's police report, she said she was standing at a shop in Lawrence Tavern when Wint drove up and said, "Hey gyal, come here." She went by his bus, and they had an argument about money for the child, during which a fight ensued.

The complainant admitted that she said some derogatory things about Wint's mother, which further angered him, causing him to hit her more. The complainant then reported the matter to the police, who arrested and charged Wint with assault occasioning bodily harm.

Under caution, Wint reportedly told the police, "A diss she diss me enuh. If a did you, you woulda do the same thing."

Presiding Judge Andrea Collins told the complainant that if she does not regard herself as a 'gyal', she should not have answered Wint in the first place. She then ordered that Wint pays the fine or do the time.

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