Robbery at Jacks Hill party

April 22, 2017


High drama unfolded at a party on Thursday night in the upscale Jacks Hill, St Andrew community, after two men were arrested for stealing more than eight high-end phones from unsuspecting patrons.

Head of the Constant Spring police, Superintendent Jacqueline Green told THE STAR that the police were summoned minutes after 10 p.m.

"The police was alerted in relation to two men. They were searched and some cellphones were found. Some patrons were able to identify their phones, so that's how we know that the phones did not belong to them," Green said.


Under investigation


She was reluctant to give further details on the ordeal as it is still under investigation. She indicated that charges were expected to be laid in short order.

An alleged witness told THE STAR there were five thieves operating together, but three managed to escape before the police could apprehend them.

Meanwhile, Green said persons who have lost their phones can visit the Constant Spring Criminal Investigation Bureau to identify same.

She added that persons should remain vigilant regardless of their environs.

"Persons ought to be aware of their surrounding whether parties, on the road, anywhere; persons ought to be alert," Green urged.

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