Cops achieving success amid carnage

May 09, 2017

Western Bureau:

Despite the ongoing carnage, the St James police is still claiming some amount of success, as according to information from the high command's operations branch, over 40 illegal guns have been seized this year.

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Gary McKenzie, who is in charge of operations in St James, while the murder toll is at an intolerable level with over 50 murders to date this year, the criminals have not been having a free reign as the police have been taking more guns off the streets.

"Last year, we seized over 100 illegal guns and so far this year, we have already seized over 40," said McKenzie.

He said the vast majority of the guns are acquired through the ill-gotten gains from the lottery scam, which is one of the primary sources of funding for criminals.

"What we have in certain areas are gangsters who believe that they can take control with the support of some persons within the communities," McKenzie said.

but the police will be out there ensuring that people are able to go about their business in a normal way," said McKenzie.


Seisure of guns


McKenzie said he is quite optimistic that the crime-fighting strategies now being employed in the police-military operations will result in the seizure of more guns and the arrest of more criminals.

"We have been in the community of Mt Salem, Glendevon, Salt Spring and Norwood, and we have been carrying out a few widely publicised meetings and peace marches. We feel that if we continue to engage the people we will be able to win their support."

Late last month, the St James police made a major gun and ammunition find in Montego Bay when eight firearms and over 1000 rounds of ammunition were seized in an operation at the Montego Bay Wharf.

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