Gangster's paradise - Duppy Film was living it up days before his death

September 25, 2017
The guest house (background) where Duppy Film was staying.
Marlon "Duppy Film' Perry

Duppy Film's last night was spent in a beach side guest house in Port Morant, St Thomas, the police said yesterday.

Before he was surprised by cops, the cold-blooded killer, who was one of Jamaica's most wanted men, occupied an air-conditioned room at the guest house and had a big-screen television for his entertainment.

Duppy Film, whose given name is Marlon Perry, had been on the run since 2009. He had previously escaped several police dragnets and was even rumoured to have left the country by boat.

Acting on intelligence, the police went to the beach side property yesterday where a shoot-out ensued. Duppy Film was shot on the ground floor of the two-storey building and four guns recovered.

Investigators told THE STAR that one of the weapons is believed to be the licensed firearm of a St Thomas businessman who owns the property where Perry was staying.

The weapons seized are two 9mm pistols, which include a Berretta, and an AK-47 assault rifle.

Superintendent Beau Rigabie, head of St Thomas police division told our news team, “The Berretta firearm was recovered. It is not yet confirmed if the businessman is the owner. Soon all will be revealed.”

Rigabie also told THE STAR that the businessman is being investigated. “He has been held for questioning,” he said. The police also seized an imitation firearm.

The cops said it appears Duppy Film had just eaten a meal of fish when he was surprised by them. It is believed that two of his 'soldiers' ran from the scene while Duppy Film, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, went down guns blazing.

The police say Duppy Film was attired in combat gear.

“He was wearing a camouflage top, not the newer type and yes we recovered a bullet proof vest from him,” Rigabie said.

THE STAR asked the lawman what was the mood of the community following yesterday operation.

“That particular community, I am not getting any negative verbiage or sense from them (that) there is no hostility just now,” Rigabie said.

THE STAR gathered that residents do not want fingers to be pointed at them for Duppy Film’s demise.

Our news team asked Rigabie if he foresees any reprisal from the fugitive's cronies on the community.

“I have not in any way heard anything of the sort. It (his capture) would not be as a result of information gathered from them. I don’t know what they would then be afraid of. I am not sure where that came from,” he said.  

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