Brothers murdered in same attack

October 05, 2017

Losing two children to gun violence a day earlier, the workplace is not where a grieving parent can easily be found.

However, Gary Russell, though mourning, used work to ease his mind.

Russell, 56, told THE STAR yesterday that the death of his two sons, who were killed Tuesday morning after gunmen entered their home in east Kingston and opened fire, is tough, but he has to work.

The attack claimed the lives of Junior Russell, 23, and Romario Russell, 26.

Our news team caught up with Russell outside his workplace.

"It hard still but me a gwaan hold it still, yuh see it. Things just happen more time. Mi nah blame nuh one for what happen. Mi son dem nuh really fi deh deh so. Dem just deh deh tru dem granny. Nobody nuh really know dem like that, a just unfortunate things reach dem. Mi miss dem still," he said.

Russell, who has other children including a nine-month-old daughter, described his sons as "good kids."

"When me get da daughter ya, mi a wonder why this baby come ya. But it come in like the Father (God) a see things weh I nah see. She can't represent dem two deh, but at least mi have something fi show ," Russell said.


THE STAR was told that the sons' mother is finding it hard to come to terms with the loss.

Russell said: "She a tek it hard, enuh. Mi just a gwaan balance life. Mi just a go bury dem. Things just happen. I nuh blame nuh one, things just happen cause mi nuh know wah happen and mi nuh really want know."

"Mi miss dem, mi a tell yuh fi real. Mi did expect great things especially from the one name Romario cause him have a good brain. It hot breda," Russell said, as he fought to hold back tears.

It was while at work that Russell received a call from his daughter on Tuesday morning about the tragic incident.

He said that at the end of the day, he would love for the violence in the community to end "cause innocent youth a dead."

"A my place, enuh, mi love it. A deh mi deh every day. Good people deh deh but da stigma deh, mi nuh know. Mi born come see it. Mi want yuh know say if a did any else lose dem son a di said way me woulda feel," he said.

Russell said he harbours no thoughts of revenge.

"I nuh want see no one die. I woulda love see everyone live to them fullness. Mi only sorry say dem never go back up a dem granny yard weh dem fi deh," he said.

The east Kingston police are investigating the murders.

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