Cop robbed of cash - Culprit faces prison after pleading guilty

October 07, 2017

A man who was convicted of robbing a female cop of a large amount of cash will be sentenced on November 1 in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Charged for robbery with violence and unlawful wounding is Kevin Grant. The wounding charge follows the stabbing of a woman, by Grant, in a bid to escape.

He pleaded guilty to both offences when the matter was called up yesterday.

The court heard that on the day in question, Grant trailed the woman sergeant to a financial institution. He then waited until she completed her transaction, and as she exited, he grabbed her handbag.

A tussle reportedly ensued during which a portion of the money fell from the bag. Grant took up the cash and ran.

The court was told that a woman saw what was happening and gave chase after Grant. He reportedly used a knife to stab the woman, who attempted to grab hold of him.

A team of policemen who were nearby chased him the fleeing Grant, caught and arrested him.

Presiding judge Chester Crooks ordered that he be fingerprinted. He also requested a copy of Grant's police record.


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