Cop kills man in police station

October 12, 2017
The Greater Portmore Police Station had to be closed yesterday after a man was killed in the guardroom.

The doors to the Greater Portmore Police Station were temporarily shut yesterday after the reception area was reduced to a scene of crime, following the fatal shooting of a man believed to be of unsound mind.

Information reaching THE STAR is that a man allegedly walked into the station guardroom, and attacked a police officer with a knife before he was shot to death.

When our news team arrived at the police station shortly after 5 p.m., a man, who said he was reporting on condition of his bail, was turned away.

"Mi caan go report today. All right. I was here," he shouted as he jumped on his bicycle and pedalled his way off the compound.

Our news team watched as he bypassed the yellow tape that was being used to cordon the entrance, and attempted to push the already closed entrance door, when investigators signalled him to get beyond the tape.

THE STAR understands that shortly after 2 p.m., the unidentified man entered the guardroom, and after what appeared to be a brief dialogue with a cop, he brandished a knife and stabbed at the policeman.




"The man walk in, talk to the police, and then back him knife and stab after the police. Him all jump over the counter, stabbing at another officer. He was shot," an eyewitness told our news team.

A senior officer told THE STAR that the deceased was shot multiple times and a thorough investigation would done into the incident.

The bloodstains on the glass of the guardroom's entrance door and floor told the tale of what transpired at the usually busy station.

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) investigators was also on the scene as a probe has been launched into the incident.

The policeman at the centre of the fatal shooting was also interviewed by the INDECOM.

It has not been ascertained why the now deceased man was at the station.

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