Selector on murder charge granted bail

October 21, 2017


Bail in the sum on $1,000,000 was offered to a disc jockey when he appeared in the Manchester Parish Court yesterday.

Asaunie Roberts, 29, is charged with the murder of Kirkland Satchell and the wounding with intent of Noel Dawkins.

Senior parish judge Desiree Alleyne, following an application from his attorney Able-Don Foote, granted Roberts bail.

It is alleged that on Sunday, September 3, Dawkins, who is the complainant, went to visit his babymother Sheree Shields to discuss maintenance for their daughter.

An argument ensued, which resulted in a fight. Sheilds sustained serious injuries, allegedly caused by Dawkins.

The court heard that during the confrontation, Shields requested the assistance of Roberts, her other babyfather.

Allegations are that Roberts stabbed Dawkins and during the confrontation, Satchell, a friend of Dawkins, was injured.

The court heard that he was admitted to the Mandeville Regional Hospital and later died as a result of a stab wound.

Foote, in applying for bail, argued self- defence. He further submitted that Dawkins was the aggressor and that he attacked Shields.

He said Dawkins has a known history of violence towards her.

Foote told the court that Roberts has a hitherto unblemished record and said his client would relocate from Manchester if offered bail.

Bail was subsequently granted with condition. Roberts is ordered to relocate to Lionel Town in Clarendon and he is to report daily to the police.

A stop order was placed on all ports. Roberts is to return to court on February 28, 2018.

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