Crippled man shot in wheelchair - Claims bullets came from cop's gun

October 27, 2017
Terrik Virgo, a paralysed man, who was allegedly shot and injured by a policeman on Mannings Hill Road in Kingston in September.
Terrik Virgo, a paralysed man, who was allegedly shot and injured by a policeman on Mannings Hill Road in Kingston in September.

A man who has been paralysed for 11 years has seen his world turned further upside down after he was shot three times, allegedly by a policeman who was chasing a gunman.

"Mi already cripple and can hardly help myself, now three of my fingers dem nah nuh feelings ina dem," Terrick Virgo, 36, lamented yesterday.

Virgo, who is a father of a 16-year-old girl, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he became paralysed in 2006, after being electrocuted. He said that since then he has been going around in his wheelchair, selling clothing and other items for a living.

But as if things were not bad enough, Virgo's life took a turn for the worse, following an unfortunate shooting on Mannings Hill Road, Kingston, on September 7.

"I was hospitalised for one week and the doctors dem come talk to me. Dem seh the shot lodged in yuh foot and if we fi tek out the gunshot we afi cut off yuh leg. Him say the nerve in my hands damaged so mi nah go able fi feel three of my fingers anymore."




The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is currently investigating the matter. And even in the midst of it, Virgo claimed that attempts are being made for him to change the statement he has given investigators.

Virgo said that he vividly remembers the night he was shot.

He was being pushed in his wheelchair by a friend when, on reaching the Rubis gas station, he saw three policeman and three civilians.

"One of the men was standing and the other two [were lying] on the ground. After we pass a stall mi hear the policeman that I know say: 'Hey bwoy, if yuh run, mi kill yuh. Yuh nuh hear me seh fi guh down pan di ground,'" said Virgo.

He said the policeman was pointing to the chest area of the suspect who was standing about two feet away. And then it was chaos.

"The only thing mi hear is when the man run off and me hear 'blow'! The fuss shot burst and me friend run leave me in the wheelchair. Then I felt a burn in my ears so I rub mi ears and then I saw the blood. By the time me fi spin the chair, mi get a shot ina mi hand so mi couldn't push the chair fi move out the way. So mi a wave fi seh nuh fire no more shot, which him already fire five to six shot."

Virgo was struck again in his left foot, however, because of his paralysis he did not feel it immediately.

He told our news team that by the time the gunman had run pass him, he then called out to the policeman by name and told him he was shot.

"The policeman walk up to me and seh di bowy get weh. How di boi nuh dead man and mi seh officer, yuh nuh know me? Help mi nuh, yu nuh see seh mi a bleed out", Virgo told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is not interested in anybody being sent to prison. All he wants is justice.

"This cripple me even more. After mi get electrocuted mi give God thanks seh mi could still use mi hand. Now, me get shot and mi can't use mi hand and the doctors say it can be a lifetime issue. It set me back a lot and I am calling on the Government to see in which way they can assist me cause mi already have life hard, a struggle mi a struggle to survive."

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