HEART TRUST/NTA refutes alleged 'natural hair' policy

October 31, 2017
natural hair

The HEART Trust/NTA said it does not have any policies that prohibit students from pursuing the cosmetology course if they have certain types of hair or skin.

This response follows THE STAR article 'No Natural hair girls some students barred from cosmetology course', which was published on September 20.

In an interview, principal of the Greater Portmore High School in St Catherine, Ricardo Ross, informed THE STAR that he would be working to remove what he called a discriminatory policy at the school, which barred natural hair and dreadlocked students from doing the cosmetology course there.

An excerpt from the school's skills handbook read that students with "sister locks, natural hair (unperm hair), active acne, sensitive skin, eczema," would not be allowed to do the course "as they will pose a challenge to the students."

However, according to a letter sent to our news team by the HEART Trust/NTA's HEART College of Beauty Services, the institution has never communicated in writing or verbal form such information to trainees or partners.


The HEART Trust/NTA says: "Neither the college's handbook nor the policy has any information regarding same. HEART trainees, regardless of hairstyle or skin condition, are allowed to take clients in from anywhere for practical classes ... no trainee is exempted. It follows, therefore, that the HEART Trust/NTA would never impose such a discriminatory policy on any of our partners in the education and training system."

The institution said it has attempted to dialogue with Ross to correct the misconception and also to guide the school's staff in the use of the curricula.

Yesterday, Ross told our news team that he has not heard from the HEART Trust/NTA in relation to the matter.

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