Mad dash at tax offices - Traffic ticket holders trying to beat amnesty deadline

October 31, 2017
Taxpayers line up at the Constant Spring tax office yesterday.

The rush was on yesterday at Inland Revenue (Tax Office) locations across the island as delinquent traffic ticket holders flocked the offices in droves trying to beat today's ticket amnesty deadline.

THE STAR visited two locations Cross Roads and Constant Spring.

The latter, the bigger of the two, was, however, our main focus, and the location provided us the space needed to move around with watchful eyes.

The Cross Roads office doors had to be manned by a security guard, as persons were kept outside until space was available on the inside to conduct business.

When our news team arrived at the Constant Spring office, several persons were seen running from their vehicles to get inside.

As THE STAR made its way inside, a motorist, who was stepping out, shouted, "Finally!"




"It was over two hours it took me inside there. I couldn't find my tickets so I was glad for the amnesty. I like the service. I paid just over $11,000," the man told THE STAR.

When our news team finally got inside, we were greeted with security and floor representatives extending the borders for the queue.

At 3 p.m., an hour before closing time, there were approximately 300 people inside the office waiting to conduct business, most of them being traffic ticket holders.

Another motorist told THE STAR: "The lines long, but mi haffi just wait it out, can't do no better. Wish mi coulda punch the line still. This amnesty seem better than the first one still."

Fitzroy Wedderburn, a department manager, told our news team that things were running smoothly for the most part, and the crowd was heavy all day.

"This is how it has been from morning since our doors opened. Persons have been working with the police, they come here with their print outs. Things have been running smoothly," he said.

Wedderburn also told THE STAR that they were expecting an even greater crowd today.

He said: "It's month end. We have GCT and motor vehicle to contend with tomorrow plus the ticket amnesty."

Even the security guards, who issue tickets for parking, ran out of tickets and had to allow motorists free flow in and out of the premises.

The traffic ticket amnesty, which started on August 2, will end today.

The Government says it will be rolling out a new system at the end of the amnesty.

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