Woman shot - in hospital with head injury, boyfriend in custody

November 02, 2017

The west Kingston police are investigating a dramatic shooting incident involving a female resident of Sunlight Street in Maxfield Avenue, who is recovering in hospital after being shot in the head at home last Friday.

Information reaching our news team is that a probe surrounds who shot the woman, who is hospitalised at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), and the gun used to commit the crime.

The police report that statements by community members differ from the account given by her boyfriend, who is now in custody.

Head of the west Kingston police Superintendent Howard Chambers confirmed the incident and said they are investigating.

"The version of the boyfriend is that he was outside and he heard explosions and he ran inside the house and saw his girlfriend bleeding from the head," he said. "Based on that, we did some other questioning and we swabbed his hands, but we are yet to indeed prove that he was playing with a firearm or it was something coming from outside. We are doing the investigation around that matter."




The police said that they have tried to speak with the injured woman but they have to wait until she recovers.

However, residents tell a different story. A resident said, "Dem a grab up each other after the yute a hear some things bout her. Is like she all tell him say she a leave him. Is like him a say if you leave me, a this a go happen to you, showing her the strap and it go off. A dat me a hear."

Allegations are that the boyfriend was frightened after she was struck and rushed her to hospital with the assistance of his friends.

He was accosted at the hospital by police, who took him into custody.

Chambers acknowledged hearing the alternate version but said, "Yeah, (it's) word of mouth, but they not giving us anything on paper. We hear people saying a gun dem a play wid, but we not getting that. We have to work with what they put on paper."

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