800 unpaid tickets - 'Shotta' driver caught by cops

November 03, 2017


A Corporate Area driver was last week arrested by the police after he was found with 800 outstanding traffic tickets.

Law enforcement officials yesterday said that the incident represents yet another example of the ineffectiveness of the current Road Traffic Act.

"Our current Road Traffic Act doesn't provide that sort of teeth. For some countries, if you don't pay one ticket, then you are not able to conduct certain business," Head of the Police Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, said.

"With this current Road Traffic Act, a person amasses so many tickets and he is still able to renew driver's licence, vehicle documents, still able to renew passports, still able to travel," Allen said.




The senior lawman said that the police have, in the past, prosecuted a man who had more than 900 outstanding traffic tickets. That motorist, he said, is currently imprisoned for two years after failing to pay a fine imposed by the court.

Meanwhile, the conclusion of the latest traffic ticket amnesty on Tuesday has triggered much debate surrounding unpaid traffic tickets.

Allen told THE WEEKEND STAR that motorists who did not use common sense to take advantage of the amnesty would be vigorously sought.

"As soon as everything wraps up with the amnesty and whether there will be an extension, we will be going after those who did not make use of the amnesty," he said.

"This is why we are looking forward to the passage of the new Road Traffic Act which has greater teeth. What we want is that if a man has one outstanding ticket and doesn't deal with it, then all of a sudden he sees himself being placed in a situation where he is not able to do business with the Government," Allen said.

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