Sewage running away people, not gunmen - Vendors

November 07, 2017
Recent heavy rain has not helped the sewage situation at the busy intersection.
Sewage at the intersection of Oxford Street and Spanish Town Road.

Both vendors and residents agree that there has been a ceasefire between gunmen since Denham Town has been declared a zone of special operations (ZOSO).

However, there is a new element keeping folks away from the city.

The stakeholders surmise that there is a seeming disregard by the authorities for the issue of overflowing raw sewage in the communities, and, by extension, the vending zones.

A vendor told THE STAR "Nobody nuh want get splash by the dirty water, so dem nah come down here. People a seh dem can't tek the smell, so how dem fi buy and a step over dutty water? People don't even want car pass and splash dem."

The vendors did not mince words when they told our news team that the sewage was the new deterrent to them maximising sales.

A resident, who is also a vendor, said: "The ZOSO is good and it make di yute dem stop grab people phone, but a this now a stop people from come down here. Every street you turn on is the same dutty water. This can't happen uptown, enuh. Kingston is still the capita?"

The corner of Oxford Street and Spanish Town Road currently has sewage flowing in all directions, hampering pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

The problem of overflowing sewers in downtown Kingston is nothing new, and Charles Buchanan, head of communications at the National Water Commission, in a previous interview, acknowledged that the problem manifests itself during periods of heavy rainfall.

He also pointed to persons being illegally interconnected and solid waste being introduced to the sewers.




The Government has since indicated that it would be undertaking major infrastructure work in Denham Town.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement in Parliament on October 31, where he said that a social-intervention committee had been gazetted to steer a series of initiatives in the ZOSO community.

He said that the infrastructure work would include road rehabilitation and the upgrading of water supply and sewage systems.

Some of the communities to benefit include Greenwich Street, Albert Street, Milk Land, King Street, Water Street, Wellington Street, Bond Street, Blunt Street, Oxford Street, and Charles Street.

THE STAR gathered that as it relates to water, Holness said that the work is aimed at upgrading the supply and distribution pipelines within west Kingston, while the sewerage project will focus on the cleaning of existing sewer pipes on Chestnut Street and Pink Lane and the installation of service laterals to lots.

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