ZOSO boundaries extended in Denham Town

November 07, 2017
Members of the Jamaica Defence Force and the Jamaica Constabulary Force patrol the streets of Hannah Town in Kingston on Monday.
A resident of Regent Street being searched by a cop when the Zone of Special Operations was declared in Denham Town on October 17.

Three weeks after Denham Town was declared as the country's second zone of special operations (ZOSO), there are still mixed reactions from residents and business operators, even in the midst of the boundaries being revised.

The boundaries of the ZOSO in Denham Town, Kingston have been revised, and will include an area commonly called Shooter's Hill.

Yesterday, our news team visited businesses on the outskirts of the zone, and spoke to some stakeholders.

A business operator, who did not want to be named, said that business has been better before ZOSO was implemented in the area.

"We had more traffic. Things kind of slow now even with Christmas around the corner. I hope that things will pick up for that reason. We haven't had any shooting and murder around since, but people still keeping away," the store operator told THE STAR.

Another business operator told our news team that he has not seen any real effect.

"Business is the same. We haven't seen any impact. ZOSO has been in effect around there for almost three weeks now and business is just the same. The Christmas season is soon, so I feel it will have a little improvement," he said.

Similarly, a vendor said that the ZOSO has no impact on her business and that people were walking the streets even though sales have not been the best.

"Security is nearby so the gunman dem nah tek no chance fi come antagonise shoppers and vendors. Mi all right with ZOSO, and just a work with it," she told our new team.

On October 17, Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared Denham Town a zone under the Law Reform (Zones of Special Operations) (Special Security and Community Development Measures) Act 2017.

The new border has now pushed the boundary at Albert Street further westward to include Water Lane. The new western boundary is now Little King Street.

On the northern side, the boundary is pushed northward from Greenwich Street to Blount Street.

The Denham Town Primary School continues to remain outside the zone to allow unhindered access to students and teachers.

In the meantime, 26 persons have been named to the Social Intervention Committee, which will oversee the build phase of the Denham Town zone.

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