Salesman charged after company money goes missing

November 11, 2017

A salesman will have to wait until next year before his fate is decided after more than $1 million in cash belonging to his company went missing.

Charged with embezzlement is Andre Francis.

When the matter was called up yesterday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, an attorney representing Francis told the court that his client did not steal the cash.

The attorney added that his client followed standard company procedures and the money went missing.

Allegations are that Francis, who is assigned to the parish of Manchester, sold goods valued at $1.021 million dollars, and the company is unable to collect as the funds were reported missing.




Francis' attorney told the court that when his client returned with the money, the office was closed and he locked the money in the vehicle.

Upon his return the following day, Francis allegedly found that the safe was tampered with and the money gone.

The attorney also told the court that Francis was the one who reported the matter to the police.

Senior Parish Judge Judith Pusey gave Francis a bail extension and ordered that his fingerprints be taken.

He is to return to court on January 17.

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