Shottas take aim at 10 women - payback for weekend killing

November 17, 2017
Police personnel monitor the situation in the troubled communities of the Waltham Park area.


Some residents of the Waltham Park area have moved away to escape gangsters who are allegedly seeking 10 females to avenge the death of the mother of an alleged 'top shotta'.

The war-torn communities of Kidd Lane, Bowens Road, Norman Lane and other areas along Waltham Park and Spanish Town Road resemble a death valley.

Several burnt-out structures and empty yards show why residents who have remained are fearful of the violence escalating into more loss of lives and bloodletting.

The topic on the tongues of the weeping residents is in relation to the murder of the shotta's mother, who was killed Sunday, a day after he was arrested.

A resident told THE WEEKEND STAR: "Dem say dem want 10 woman. Dem make dem list and say a 10 woman afi dead back fi him mother. We fraid, a God alone deh ya fi defend we cause nuff a di yute dem gone. Nuff people run weh, u nuh see a bare empty house."

Numerous police personnel were on patrol and positioned at intersections. Our news team witnessed a large group of policemen and soldiers at the house of the alleged mastermind.




A mother told THE WEEKEND STAR that her child had not been to school in weeks.

"The community set a way. Weh dem want kill off di woman dem for? After a nuh woman kill her," the resident told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Our news team was told that the shotta's mother was killed after she shielded a would-be victim.

A resident said: "Gunman go fi gunman and she jump ina the way a talk bout dem can't kill man and di man dem just turn the gun pan her."

Several homes have been destroyed by arson attacks over the past month.

A girl told our news team that "When mi hear the shot dem, mi tremble and cry for my mother and my little brother is also scared."

So bad is the war that the residents said they are submitting their community as a candidate to be a zone of special operations.

Our news team visited the Hunts Bay Police Station on three occasions yesterday seeking to speak with commanding officer for the St Andrew South Police Division, however, we were told that he was locked in a meeting.

A curfew was imposed by the police in sections of Two Miles. The curfew began at 6 p.m. on Tuesday and remained in effect until 6 p.m. yesterday.

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