God says I'm the best 'warner woman'


November 29, 2017
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Eve Campbell
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Eve Campbell

One woman from western Jamaica believes that she has got a message from God that she is to be crowned, 'Queen of the Gospel' for her ability to accurately warn about future events.

Eve Campbell told THE STAR that she preaches, counsels, and warns in a number of parishes as well as countries she has visited.

Noting that she has been blessed with the gift of warning since the 1980s, Campbell alleges that she has predicted a number of occurrences that God has revealed to her.

"God said I am the best 'warner woman' across the whole Earth and I don't make no mistake in warning; everything I warn come to pass," she told THE STAR. "God told me that I am the Queen of the Gospel and I must be crowned Queen of the Gospel for my obedience to Him."

She said that she accurately prophesied the recent mass shooting in a Texas church.

"I give out warning about earthquakes in diverse places and they come to pass, and mi warn death message and they take place," she said. "A true me have the Holy Ghost me can preach and warn cause when me go out and say 'sudden' load and clear, by a morning everybody go out and go look pon who dead."

And in order to carry out the work that she believes God has blessed her to do, she said she that has not had sex for over a decade.

wear bright colours

"Eleven years my body don't defile by anyone. I live clean just to carry out the Word of God. Is not that I won't have a companion, but you can't just jump on people suh because I don't want anybody keeping me from what God bless me to do," Campbell explained.

Similar to 2016 when she said that God told her that persons should wear yellow and white for Christmas, Campbell said God revealed the colours for 2017.

"God said go and tell the nation to wear red, white and blue for the Christmas. It can be in floral or polka dot or stripe," she said, adding that God loves colours and people should wear bright colours to help brighten up for the season.

She said that only God can stop the things He reveals to her, and said Jamaica's leaders are powerless to fight crime.

"The only thing that can help is if the nation repents and who have the gun, carry it (to the police), who have the gun lie down pon it like a pillow," Campbell said. "God alone can stop it."

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