Gardener needs help following accident

January 16, 2018
Fredrick Nelson

A St Elizabeth woman is desperately seeking help for her common-law husband, who has been suffering from a head injury after falling from a tree.

Loretta Flack, during an interview with THE STAR, fought hard to hold back the tears as she explained how 59-year-old Fredrick Nelson, a once able-bodied and hard-working individual, got to his present state.

"He was working as a gardener at the home of Goshen councillor, Donovan Fagan, looking after his animals for nine years," Flack said, noting that his job included feeding cows, goats, pigs and dogs, as well as cutting the councillor's lawn.

THE STAR understands that while carrying out his duty at the home of the councillor, a freak accident occurred.

"He went to bush with Mr Fagan, and went into a tree. He was chopping down feeding, and he fell and hit his head. He continued to work, but the pain wouldn't go away," she said.

Our news team was told that Nelson is not bedridden, however, he is unable to work.

Flack said: "He is just home in bed. He can come out and walk, but he cannot work."

The family is upset because they claim Nelson's employment with the councillor came to an abrupt end, and that he received very little medical assistance.

Several attempts to reach Fagan proved futile.

THE STAR gathered, however, that it appears the councillor is overseas receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness.




With bill mounting, Flack says Nelson needs help from the public to cover the cost of medication and other items.

"Is an ambitious man. Right now, mi nuh know how me a go manage if me nuh get some help. He is suffering from numerous pains all over his body, and we are not financially stable to stand the cost of the medication as he is now unable to work. We live in a two-bedroom house, but we do not have any bathroom facilities, so it is very difficult for him whenever he needs to use the restroom," Flack said.

Persons wishing to assist Nelson can contact Loretta Flack at 379-2941, or make donations to JN Bank account number: 209 4220168 (Fredrick Nelson).

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