Murder prank rocks high school - Students now in hot water after photo goes viral

January 20, 2018
Cross Keys High School
Ralph Nelson, principal of Cross Keys High School

Principal at the Cross Keys High School in Manchester says disciplinary actions are likely to be taken against a group of students who he said brought the school's name into disrepute.

A shocking image with a male student, dressed in his uniform, has been making the rounds on social media. The picture shows the boy lying in what appears to be a pool of blood. It has the caption: "Them mash up mi genna tpc".

It gives the impression that the boy was murdered in the classroom. However, it is just a prank.

Principal Ralph Nelson said the school became aware of the matter on Wednesday and intervened.

"As soon as we got wind of it, we identified the students who were involved. We want to look at how we can repair or do some damage control, and we want to interview the students to find out what is the motive behind it," Nelson said.

"They are saying it's just a joke and that somebody came up with the idea and they just act it out."

"They actually pour the drink on the floor and specifically used the colour (red) drinks, and what the dean has told me from the investigation is that the student just bend over, he didn't make contact with the floor. The photo was taken from an angle to make it look like the child was on the floor," said Nelson.

When asked about the damage that has been done, considering the image has gone viral, Nelson said: "We were discussing how we could counteract that."

The principal, when asked if he thought that the surging crime in society had a hand in the act performed by the students, said yes.

"I believe so and from my analysis it shows how insensitive students or young people are getting to crime. A few years ago, nobody nuh want see splattered blood, so for they to be comfortable to go dramatise it, is cause for concern," he said.

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