'Get outa my life' - Man said his artiste father holding him down

January 22, 2018

A 30-year-old man who claims to be the son of one of dancehall's most prolific artistes says he now in bondage.

Joe Dirt*, who hails from Kingston, said his 'father', who was never in his life until about five years ago, is sucking the lifeblood from him.

"Him want me fi come deejay and mine him. Mi nuh inna him name. Him nuh grow me, him nuh feed me, him nuh mine me, but him have it say me a him son," Dirt said.




He told The STAR that he wants to break free of his father's bondage, arguing that his 'dad' has been using his influence in the music business to stifle his efforts to get a break.

"The situation is him want me fi come deejay, and feed him and feed him woman, and him pickney dem. I don't know wah gwaan ina fi him life, but that a di fight weh me a get."

"Me need some help, enuh. ... Me a young yute. Me have a life fi live. Even if me nuh go music, mi have a life fi live and him a hold me back. Mi jus want this bredda yah get out of me life, just low me alone," Dirt said.

When The STAR contacted the senior entertainer, he said Dirt's name "sounds familiar." He, however, did not comment on whether he is his father.

The senior entertainer was dismissive when told about the claim that he is using his 'young son' for monetary gains.

"Him say him a my son and me never give him my name, and me want him fi mine me, my pickney dem, and my woman. Who is my woman? Me don't even know who name suh," he said.

* Name changed

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