HIV-positive man accuses politician, comedian of rape

January 25, 2018

An HIV-positive man said that the justice system has failed him because a politician, a popular comedian, and his own friend, who allegedly raped him three years ago, have not been brought before the court.

John Doe*, 35, told THE STAR that the three men held him down and raped him at the politician's mansion in an upscale neighbourhood.

Doe said that he reported the matter to the police, but they have disregarded it, claiming that he was not being truthful.

"I reported the matter to the police but nothing was done about it. The night it happened, I called 119 and some police came and rescued me and hand me over to CISOCA (Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse)," he said.

Doe said that he went to the mansion to work because the friend told him they wanted a mason.




"I reach in the evening and the politician start show me around upstairs and downstairs, then he showed me a room where I would sleep," he said.

Doe said that he was introduced to the comedian, who later came by the house.

Doe said that shortly after that, his nightmare unfolded.

"We (him and his friend) were in the room for a time, then I fell asleep. I felt somebody hold me and mi say: 'Wah gwaan'? Then the politician hold on to me and the next one hold my hand, and the other hold my feet. The comedian had sex with me first, then the politician, and then my friend," he said.

When asked if he had any suspicion of what he might have been getting into at the house, Doe said that he had no idea his friend was gay.

Doe said that after they were done, he cried and and called 119.

He said that he could not produce the receipt from the station where he reported the incident as the event was so long ago.

While the case struggles to take shape, Doe said that the politician and comedian have been calling, trying to pay him to drop the matter.

"Dem beg me because they say they have dem reputation," he said. "The police tell me I am lying so it come in like it will never go anywhere. Nothing nah come out of it, the case never mention or nothing; it just dead like that."

Doe said that he found out he was HIV-positive after the incident and has seriously considered suicide.

"I did not take any money. I am living with HIV now and I think about hanging myself, but I have a child to live for and I have my woman," he said.

*name changed

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