Devastated - Pensioner homeless after being booted from house

February 01, 2018
Kenyon Hemans/ Photographer Alva Sinclair is now homeless after being booted from his home.
Kenyon Hemans/ Photographer Alva Sinclair looks at his furniture that is now being covered by tarpaulin.

A pensioner, who was employed to the Pan Caribbean Sugar Company for more than 40 years, is crying foul after being evicted from a house he was given in Chedwin Park, forcing him to 'kotch' with a neighbour.

Alva Sinclair, 68, is now a broken man because he has been displaced from his grandchildren and son who lived with him in his one-bedroom house in the St. Catherine community.

According to Sinclair, his house which is located at Lot 13, Chedwin Gardens, was sold behind his back.

He said that he was at home one day when four persons came to the lot and told him to move.

"Dem come and say dem is the new owner for the property. I don't get no call from NHT (National Housing Trust). Mi live here from June 28, 2010. Mi never rent it. Is the fourth of October mi come out after dem carry me go court. So, from October until now, I don't live anywhere," he said.

The pensioner told our news team that the authorities said that he owed money for the house.

"Dem say me owe dem over $500,000, and dem put my house on sale. Dem did request $12,400 a month, and me paying $11,232.50 a fortnight. In 2016, mi catch retirement age and go in with my son in case me shoulda owe any money then mi son coulda pay. Dem say me owe, and me ask fi mi statement and nobody nuh want show me," he told THE STAR.

The hurt was all over his face as he explained the ordeal that has turned his life upside down.

"Couple months from now mi is 69 years of age and dem put me a door. Me can't reach no management a NHT. When dem tell mi dem a new owner, me tell dem go away wid dem scamming, but is a different man come give me summons," Sinclair said.




THE STAR understands that since Sinclair's eviction, the house has been vandalised and also set ablaze, seemingly by persons who are displeased with the pensioner's predicament.

"I don't live anywhere. The lady weh give me likkle kotch say mi haffi go find somewhere go by next week," Sinclair told THE STAR.

Sinclair explained that all his furniture is piled together under a tarpaulin in the back of a yard next to where he once lived.

"Bailiff and police tek dem out and pack dem up when dem move out mi son and mi grandchildren. Dem a say mi have $200,000 fi get, so all mi haffi do a sign and collect. That can't put me anywhere. I don't owe them for the house. Dem say dem have reason and dem don't give me none," he said.

THE STAR was told that at least 30 former sugar workers are in a similar predicament with the houses they were given by their former employers.

Some of the former sugar workers admitted that they owed money, but Sinclair is adamant that he is not in arrears.

"Mi nuh owe dem. When me see mi likkle boy haffi leave from 'gainst me, me grieve, and down to all mi dog dem mi hurt bout," Sinclair told THE STAR.

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