FRIEND STABBED FOR $3,000 ... Got 26 stitches to close wound

February 03, 2018

A man who allegedly stabbed his friend because he was owed money had his bail revoked in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Charged with assault occasioning grievous bodily harm is Arthur Owens, after the complainant wept uncontrollably while recounting the incident.

He pleaded guilty to the stabbing and offered the court an explanation, which caused his friend to receive 26 stitches on his left wrist.

"We just had a dispute and the knife draw and stab him," Owens said.


The complainant, however, was emotional when he told the court, "A me friend, enuh, Your Honour. Me owe him $3,000 and him ask me for it and I didn't have it to give him. Him take out the knife and stab at my neck and me use my hand to block it."

The complainant, who broke down in tears while showing the scar on his hand, was given a short time by the court to compose himself.

His testimony apparently moved Parish Judge Vaughn Smith, who immediately revoked Owens' bail. The accused was remanded until his sentencing on April 18. A social enquiry report was also requested.

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