Stop bullying my child - Mother fights conductor for her daughter

March 12, 2018

Tired of her daughter being called nasty names such as fat, stink, ugly and rusty like zinc, a Jamaican mother is today hoping that the Ministry of Education would intervene and rescue the child.

Pam Brown* told The STAR that she recently had to fight a bus conductor at a bus park because of the bullying.

"I went there to speak to the bus driver because the driver has some amount of responsibility for the students. He did speak with them [trouble-making students], but, by the time I walked away, she [her daughter] come crying say them calling her names. I went back on the bus for the second time, the conductor didn't feel pleased and wanted me off the bus. He and I got into a fight, real physical," the mother said.

She told The STAR that her daughter, 11, has even been diagnosed as depressed as a result of the bullying she has had to endure at the hands of the mean kids.




The school's principal has reportedly failed to act after being told of the bullying and the dean of discipline appears to think the name calling is funny.

"I told her what took place and she was literally laughing and saying that they are children and all the little things to make you feel comfortable. Bullying is not as simple as you call somebody a name and they try to get over it, some people take it much deeper," the dean of discipline reportedly said.

Brown said that when she got to speak with the principal, the exchange was testy. She said everything went downhill from the start as the principal didn't tell her good morning, and he wanted to know why she was videotaping some rowdy students earlier in the day.

"In November, I sent an email to the ministry. I was later called and an appointment was set, and I went in. I told them what took place and the woman said she cannot compel the principal to speak to me and it would make matters worse for my daughter," she said.

Brown said she was advised to transfer her daughter.

* Name changed to protect identity.

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