It's hard work - female marijuana farmers talk about their crop

May 21, 2018

When many people hear of marijuana farmers they immediately think of men.

But there are some women living in the county of Middlesex who said they would do anything to ensure their family is fed and if this means growing marijuana, that is exactly what they will do.

When The STAR spoke with some of these marijuana farmers, they expressed that planting the herb and growing it is not easy.

One woman, Mary Jane*, said that it takes a lot of time and the process is sometimes tedious but they try anyway to get things done.

"The hardest part a fi clear the land fi plant and thing and as a woman it tek nuff outa we but we affi do weh we affi do. Plus we affi grow it in a way weh it hide from the police," she said.

The hills they farm are considered by some to be the best lands to plant the herb as they grow in abundance and the quality is good.

As one woman said "the grung up yah good fi plant it because when it done, it rich."




The women said that the police do not exclude them when they are doing searches. They added that the police see them in the same way they see the men when they are doing a raid.

"Yuh see now the police deh here a raid and yuh think dem wouldn't search the woman dem but dem a search everybody. Dem nah partial a soul," one of the women said.

Jane, in between laughs said that they try to play innocent at times but this does not stop the police from raiding them.

While acknowledging that they cannot sell marijuana explicitly, they said they still get some great sales.

"We have we customers who call and tell we when them a come and we prepare it and put it dung fi dem. The price fi it range sometimes, like yuh can get a pound fi $7000 and that's on a good day," she said.

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