Community Focus: Lances Bay on edge of disaster

July 03, 2018
Yvonne Reid showing the damage that recent flood waters did to her house.
Dazwell Barrett looking at his TV set that was damaged by flood waters in May.
Flooding in Lances Bay after the Lances River overflowed its banks following a heavy rainfall in May.
This mattress was soaked by flood waters in May.

Residents living in the low-lying sections of Lances Bay in Hanover are on edge as another downpour could mean disaster.

In May, the flood-prone community was greeted by a major flood that swept through several homes, damaging furniture, appliances and leaving community members with thousands of dollars in losses.

The flood waters came from the Lances River that runs through the community and is prone to overflowing its banks whenever there is a heavy downpour. 

“Every time rain fall this side of the community flood out by the river, but last time the water come harder than ever til it reach up a me neck,” Dazwell Barrett told WESTERN STAR.

In May, Barrett along with his four other family members, including his elderly mother and infant niece, had to seek safety on top of their furniture as water ran through their house, trapping them for several hours.

“We survived, but as you can see, we lose a whole heap of things. See the TV deh weh mash up, see the bed and mattress outside same way still a dry. We have to start over again with what we have left,” Barrett stated.

“Every time rain fall we worry and a the first me see the water come that drastic the other day. We want a change, want something to be done. It is hurricane season now and we fear that we
won’t be so lucky next time,” he added.

His sentiments were reiterated by other affected residents who pointed the WESTERN STAR to a house that was swept off its foundation by the flood waters.

“We want the Government to do something because soon the whole a we a go get swept away,” said Yvonne Reid.

She told WESTERN STAR that she has had to be rescued from flood waters in Lances Bay.

“We would like a relocation, to go higher up on the land, but we would need a little help from the Government. The flood the other day wash away my 16 bags of cement, mash up my
settee. It wash weh me fridge and damage certain parts of the house,” she added.



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