Community Focus: Sewage overflow stifling Catherine Hall

July 24, 2018
A Catherine Hall resident looks at the sewage.
A man points at a manhole cover.
Residents say the smell of sewage in Catherine Hall is preventing them from cooking and sleeping.

With major sewage overflows in Catherine Hall, St James, residents are now calling on the relevant authorities to correct the near decade-old problem.

According to residents, particularly those living in the vicinity of the West Green-based National Water Commission (NWC) pump house, they are constantly being overwhelmed by odour from the waste matter flooding the drains and streets.

The people stated that not only are they made sick, but their homes and environment are also becoming more and more uninhabitable.

"This happens when the rain fall and when the pump at the pump house break down, which is every week or two," said Gary Chambers.




"When the pump nah work, the raw sewage run down and full up the drains and come up through the manholes on the street, flooding the place. It is a big problem, and NWC supposed to have an obligation to we the citizens to fix this. It can't stay like this because the community and the schools are being affected," he added.

The residents told WESTERN STAR that last weekend saw one of worst sewage overflows they have ever witnessed. On top of that, they outlined that the stench was so unbearable that they were unable to cook or sleep and had to close all their windows and doors.

"Sunday evening I tried to cook my dinner, and I couldn't do it, and my bedroom window is right above a manhole cover. I couldn't sleep due to the odour, said Ronnie James.

"As a result, mosquito kill we, roach and rat a take over the place. A several reports we mek to the NWC regarding the pump house because the pump is not strong enough to service Catherine Hall and (the neighbouring) West Green. Every time the sewage water run come down here so, we have to lock up we house. We can't cook, people a lose business, and it's a health hazard," he added, noting that the matter needs to be fixed urgently.

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