Duppy stories in Duncans

September 11, 2018
This old building was once the Duncans Police Station.

Near the heart of Duncans in Trelawny sits an old, decrepit building that, according to the legend of locals, holds the remains of a dead person.

They say that the run-down structure was once a police station but was abandoned after Hurricane Gilbert, which hit the island on September 12, 1988.

"Yes man, a dead man in the building right now. You can't even go in there because it overgrown with bush and wasp nests all over, both inside and out," one man said.

Ewan Kenton, a groundsman for the police station at the time, insists that the story is true.

"That dead man, they find him in a cave at Clarks Town, so they send the body go a town [Kingston] go test, and it come back, and they have it in a carton box in there," Kenton claimed.

"Sometimes dog take away the bone them, a me affi pick them up back," he added.

"Nobody came for the body, so it just stay there. Mi see and tell the family, but them no want it," Kenton stated.

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