Woman loses blessing after switching church

November 16, 2018

Three years ago, Mary Jane* joined the congregation of a popular church.

She said one of her friends who had been a member for some time introduced her, and since she was always hearing good things about the church and how it helped people, she decided to join.

The timing was perfect for Jane, as she was seeking spiritual guidance and needed help with her finances.

"I went there not with any expectations, but I was always seeing the testimonials on television and when she (her friend) told me about it, I said why not," she said.

Jane said that when she went to the church, she loved it very much.

To join the church, she had to make a special payment.

Shortly after joining, Jane, who was struggling to maintain her three children, started to see some improvement in her financial life.

"People used to seh a obeah dem a work but I didn't believe them. Mi used to work at a bar and a live from hand to mouth because it had to stretch for my children, who were going to school. After going to the church and giving my portion, I was able to do so much because of the amount of money I was making. I even started to do my own business," she said.

A year passed and Jane was enjoying the financial aspect but said the spiritual part of her journey was missing.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that for that reason, she decided to seek another church. To her surprise, she said she began losing everything she had.

"My business started to lose money. I started to have debts that I didn't have before and in the space of one month of leaving, I was right back to where I was the year before," she said.

According to Jane, she felt deceived as all she wanted was a spiritual connection.

"It is good to have money but what is money without God? Oftentimes, healing would be taking place but it didn't feel like God, so I left. I didn't expect to lose everything but I guess that if I must start over, I am willing to accept that," she said.

THE WEEKEND STAR reached out to the church but was told that the person to speak to was not in office.

*name changed

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