Man seeks compensation from security firm that no longer exists

December 10, 2018
Clifford James was attacked and chopped after he was accused of being a homosexual.


A Kingston man claims that he was attacked, chopped and beaten by a security guard whom he told that he was running from men who labelled him as a homosexual.

Clifford James visited The STAR's North Street, Kingston offices last week, claiming that his life has been severely impacted by the ordeal. He wants to sue but the company for which the guard reportedly worked no longer exists, and the so-called guard cannot be found.

According to James, in February 2014, he was talking to a female in a section of Kingston about 1:30 a.m., when a group of men attacked him.

"Dem see mi and a seh mi a b&$&y man and me answer dem. Afta dat dem rush after me wid knife. Mi never have no weapon to defend myself so me run," he said.

James said he jumped over a wall onto a property. While there he was approached by a security guard who questioned him as to why he was on the premises.

"Mi tell him seh some man a run mi dung fi kill mi and him rush after me wid a machete. Mi run from him and jump pan one a dem big garbage house (garbage receptacle) and jump in. When mi look, him swing open the door and chop after me and mi get a chop right behind mi ears," he said.

James said that he ran from the premises to Twin Gates Plaza in Half Way in order to get help to the hospital. He was then taken to hospital in a taxi.

"The work that I do require a lot of heavy lifting and I can't do that anymore, because I get headaches from I try. I have to slow down on the amount of work that I do," he said.

A copy of the medical report, which James shared with The STAR indicates that the incident occurred about 3 a.m., and that he was attacked by unknown assailants. He insists, however, that his injuries were inflected by the guard.

"I have nightmares thinking about all that has happened and is happening and there is no one to be held accountable for it," he said.

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