Mother seeks help for son with heart condition

January 03, 2019
Zanick Masters
Carvel Masters (left) and Nicole Box (right) desperately need help for their son, Zanick Masters.
Carvel Masters hold his son, Zanick Masters, who has a heart condition.

A mother's dream is to protect her children at all cost, but 32-year-old Nicole Box says there is nothing she can do but pray for her eight-month-old son who has a heart disease.

Box's son, Zanick Masters, has been diagnosed with ALCAPA (Anomalous left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery). This is when the left coronary artery, which carries blood to the heart muscle, begins from the pulmonary artery instead of the aorta. This means that the heart is not getting the correct amount of oxygen. 

Box told THE STAR that she took her son to the Spanish Town Hospital in August when she realised he was breathing fast and he was not urinating.

Her worst fears were realised when Zanick was immediately admitted because of the seriousness of the condition.

“They found out that the left side of his heart was enlarged. When we did the first eco-cardiogram by Spanish Town Hospital, they found out that he had a heart failure. The mitral valve needs to be corrected because it wasn’t working, and his heart is not getting the correct oxygen, and this is killing the tissues,” she said.


Box made attempts to get help at the Bustamante Hospital for Children, but said she was told that they do not have the necessary equipment to perform a surgery to fix her son’s problem.

As such, Box had to seek medical services in the United States. However, she said the cost to do the consultation was more than she bargained for.

The mother of three said that she has sought the help of financial institutions and even tried asking for help using a GoFundMe account, but she is yet to get the help that is needed.

“I spoke to persons at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Florida, and they said that the cost for the consultation is US$7,949.90 (approximately J$1 million) and the surgery to correct his valve is US$169,798.30 (approximately J$22 million). I don’t have that,” she said, noting that Zanick's father, Carvel Masters, supports her in every way he can. 

Box told THE STAR that the hospital in Florida wants her son to be admitted by next week. But without the funds, she is unable to do anything.

“They wanted him to come over by next week to admit him, because based on the cardiogram that they have seen, he is in critical condition and can go at anytime,” she said.

Even though the thought of losing her last son scares her, Box said that without money, she is unable to move forward. 

With prayer keeping her going, Box said she is hoping that she will get a breakthrough before she loses her baby.

“I am trying every way I know. I try GoFundMe, and we only raised US$600 (J$76,629) for him. When we spoke to consultants at Bustamante, they said that children like him just die, and I don’t want that. Mi feel out a me mind, but mi just haffi a keep on pray for him because mi and him fadda nuh know what else to do. Right now, he is living off pills. He has four set of pills taking, and I don’t know if they are helping,” she said.

Persons wishing to help Nicole Box save her son are asked to call her 8764229752. They can also call Zanick's dad, Carvel Masters, at 8763428154 or donate at

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