Mother forgives her son’s killers - Asks them to seek repentance

March 12, 2019
Rosemarie Thomas
Rosemarie Thomas
The late Lloyd Thomas Jr with two of his children.
Contributed The late Lloyd Thomas Jr with two of his children.

The pain of losing her only son to gunmen's bullets a year ago is still fresh in Rosemarie Thomas' heart. And, at times, she is still in disbelief that he is dead.

But Thomas said that she has taken the bold step to forgive his killers.

"I'm fighting to forget about it. It's not easy, but I'm fighting to put it aside. I forgive them, and I want to forget about it," she said.

Her son, 32-year-old Lloyd Thomas Jr, was shot and killed in Taylor Land in Bull Bay, St Andrew, on January 6, 2018.

Thomas said that her son was very hard-working and took great interest in the well-being of his three children. But she said that now that he's gone, the children, who are between the ages of seven and 12, are not only struggling to cope emotionally, but are also feeling the effects of the financial strain that the family is experiencing because of his death.

"He had three children with his babymother, and they're not having a good time. They're very intelligent, they can read well, and because of this uncalled, for killing, they are struggling," she said.

"I have to try send dem something on the weekend. I don't have much I do likkle selling outta mi house, but I do what I can," she added.

She said that her son owned a shop, drove a taxi, and reared goats when he was alive. But all those businesses died with him.

"The shop lock down now. Before they kill him, they broke in the shop, stole some money, and robbed the place. And when they killed him, they robbed what he had on him. By the time we bury him, there was no money," she said.

But despite the pain and her emotional and financial struggles, Thomas, who said she recently got baptised, is making a call for his killers to also seek repentance.

"The Holy Spirit show me you people. I just want to say to you people, repent, ask the Lord to forgive you. Don't repent for me, repent for your own soul, because there's no sin that goes unpunished," she said.

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