Stress free day at JPPC

July 01, 2019
Dhane Turner
Dhane Turner
Roxelle McKenzie
Roxelle McKenzie
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson

On a scale of one to 10, Craig Johnson, the operations manager at the Jamaica Private Power Company, said his job stresses him out at a rate of eight and a half.

And this is why the annual stress free day that was hosted by the company for the workers is important to him.

"I relieve stress a little bit differently. Once I see people around me having fun, that helps relieves my stress. It's always about teamwork, so if the team is stress free, I am stress free," he said

The stress free day was held on the company grounds on Windward Road last Friday, under the theme 'Physically Fit'; the day catered to the entire well being of staff.

"This year we decided to have a holistic approach, promoting fitness, health and wellness for the staff, and how to maintain a work/life balance. We have been HIV testing, National Family Planning Board is doing injections for family planning, and also informing the staff and letting them know how to use protection, or encouraging it, ... and a host of different service providers," said Roxelle McKenzie, JPPC's human resource specialist.

Bigger and better

McKenzie said the event has been happening since 2014, and every year it gets bigger and better.

"Not every day you'll have the staff having a stress free day. The managers and supervisors understand that today means a lot to them; it's a day when they can be completely themselves so we allow them to take charge of their day," she said. "They look forward to the day."

The staff were treated to food, fun, music and entertainment. But for Dhane Turner, a field operator, the best part of the day were the smoothies he was enjoying in the heat. He did, however, admit that days like this help to boost his work morale.

"I think it's very effective because we get to chill, relax, unwind and not think about work; it's creating a fun environment," he said

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