Cornwall College old boy wants to create musical empire

August 13, 2019
Brandon ‘Frosted’ Grey
Brandon ‘Frosted’ Grey
Brandon ‘Frosted’ Grey
Brandon ‘Frosted’ Grey

For 22-year-old Brandon Grey, music is more than just an art form, it's his entire life.

For someone who has always found difficulty in expressing himself, throughout the years music has provided a much- needed release for him.

The Negril, Westmoreland native however, had put music on pause, and dedicated the past three years of his life to another of his passions, law.

He has now completed his law degree and found a balance between music and law.

Grey intends to mix both passions by pursuing a specialisation in entertainment law at the Norman Manley Law School this September.

But before that, Grey, who goes by the stage name Frosted, will be releasing his first single Money Anthem, later this month.

He got the stage name from a performance he did in high school, following which people began referring to him as 'Frosted Flakes', which came from a lyric in the song he performed.

The name stuck with him.

"Been a long time coming," he said, referring to the single. "I'm finally done with my degree now, so I decided to just release some stuff during the break before Norman Manley."

Grey, a Cornwall College past student, has held various leadership positions in and around his community, such as president of the St James Youth Leaders, in addition to working as a teller at Sagicor Bank. These positions had caused Grey to step away from music a few times, but he has always managed to find his way back to the industry.

"I honestly believe that it (music) is my destiny. I've always been writing, started to produce in high school, always made songs, but it was more of a hobby at the time," he said.

"I was brought up in a very religious home, so the idea of doing music was shunned, but as I got older, I started to break away from that ideology."

Over the years, Grey has not only been writing music, he has also been able to develop his own record label, The Conglomerate Music. In addition, he has produced and audio engineered, along with working on projects with dancehall stars such as Anju Blaxx on a soon-to-be-released project.

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